Vehicle Graphics (Cars, Vans, Trucks, Motorbikes, ATV’s, Watercrafts)

Do you know that the average delivery trucks makes 16 million visual impressions in a single year?
Make the message big and bold! Compare your advertising costs in the yellowpages per visual big bold! impression vs vehicle wrap visual impressions. At $200 per month ($6.00 per day) with the yellowpages and a view ratio of 1-10 per day vs $2.50 per day based on an average vehicle wrap and 110,000 impressions a day. Where is the better bang for your buck? Our professional design team and our installers are 3M trained use the best graphic film and laminate to get the job done right. We are able to design, print and install any of your vehicle graphic needs. From the most basic to a full wrap. At Manchester Signs, Printing and Graphics we use only the highest quality vinyl in order to ensure your vehicle decals will last without fading in the harsh sun.vehicle graphics are durable, All of our washable and removable and they won’t damage your vehicles factory paint.


A full wrap is a graphic image that covers all the painted surfaces and usually some of the windows on a vehicle. Opaque graphics are utilized for the painted portions of the vehicle and a perforated window vinyl and laminate are used on the windows creating a “One Way Vision” effect. You can still see out, however there is privacy for people trying to look in. It still constitutes a wrap if we utilize these techniques and only cover a portion of the vehicle.

Window Graphics:

The basic two options to put graphics on your vehicle windows…. cut vinyl and one way vision. Cut vinyl is most effective if it is applied to a window that you are not utilizing as a visual (changing lanes, need to look through the window) kind of window or if the graphic design is such that the visual impact is not affected too much. The new technology of Window Perforated Graphics and Laminate allows you to still see clearly out of the window while having some some privacy looking in. This product allows us to digitally print any image onto the vinyl giving our client the options for full photographic imagery to be shown.

Cut Vinyl Graphics:

An easy and inexpensive way to get your company’s information on your vehicle is cut vinyl graphics. Using single color cut vinyl we can apply multiple spot colors as needed to create the look you want.

Magnetic Car Signs:

Magnetic car signs allow you to temporarily brand your vehicle with a logo or an advertisement. The magnetic media is extremely strong and will stay on the vehicle even at highway speeds.