Importance of Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Running a new business depends on many factors, the most important of these is advertising. You may be selling excellent products and offering fantastic services, but if potential clients are not aware of these you may find your business will not go as hoped. The good news for businesses out there is the many option to get that message to their customers. It up to you to select the most appropriate one.

Striking a deal with a big brand name can drive significant revenues to your shop. But lets face it, most of your potential customers will be neighborhood business. So, how do we know that the investment in a vehicle wrap will pay off for you? Vehicle wraps can be a big expenditure for many smaller companies such as Hair Dressers, Builders, Restaurant and the like. As it turns out a lot of the leading auto wrapping shops like ourselves have invested time and effort into find out how customers have benefited from this additional expenditure.

A study by Arbitron found that outdoor media played a crucial role in reaching consumers that are not exposed to either television or radio. It also reported that outdoors most powerful, new consumer group are commuters who rack up high mileage in vehicles and on foot.

This shows us that commuters are by nature an exceptional target in terms of both income and expenditure habits. “Thirty-five percent of heavy commuters come from households earning $75,000+, compared to only 23 percent for the Canadian average income profile. This group is likely to be aged between 25 and 54.”

Wrapped vehicles not only place messages in front of target consumers, they also provide the opportunity for direct customer contact through coupon distribution, sampling and other promotional tactics,” Stephen Freitas, spokesperson for the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).

We initially wrapped one of our own vehicles as a test bed to see what kind of response we would receive. We added a one way perf to the back window that had our logo and contact details on.

“Since we added the perf to our back window we have been inundated with people wanting their vehicle wrapped, even to the point where we have not had chance to add a full wraps’ to our own vehicles” Neil Corless, Owner of Manchester Signs, Printing and Graphics.

Neil also made comment that companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Red Bull have all wrapped their vehicles and would they spend that money if it was not effective for them? At the end of the day people go out of their way to to view these kinds of mediums.


Manchester Signs adds site up-loader

Earlier today Manchester Signs began testing their new FTP up-loading system so clients can simply upload their files directly to us from our site.

We are now pleased to announce that we are in the final stages of testing and hope to have the system up and running within the next few hours. You can test it yourself by going to our contact page and clicking ‘upload a file’.

This new system brings many new benefits to our clients, these include faster delivery time of images to us and time saved not having to burn images to CD and posting them.

Manchester Signs prepares new site

Manchester Signs, Printing and Graphics is working on their new site. With the help of their new web designer they are currently working towards a new and improved site that, not only looks crisp and clean but is much easier for visitors to navigate.

The planned release date for the new site is Friday 11th November. However, they are hoping to have the site up and running before then so that any problems can be ironed out.

One of the key ideas for the redesign was to bring the site in-line with the new look business cards and promotional material.

The site will host a number of new features, which includes a blog that covers matters related to Signs, Printing, Graphics and Web Designs. It will also promote the new QR code system which they will be launching shortly after their website launches.

Keep a look out for updates on Twitter or Facebook for the latest news and special promotions they have on offer.